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Tech development with award-winning software houses and a flexible payment model that fits your startups budget.

We help you market your MVP quicker!

Let's Get started!What does this mean for my Business?

Why ulaunch.me for you as a startup?

Go to market quicker - skip the queue and get your unfair advantage

Minimise the upfront investment to develop your tech product - our service providers invest time

Greater buy-in from service providers - increasing the performance and quality of work as you both have skin in the game

No additional cost to engage with a solicitor for agreements to outsource work - we provide you with the required documents

Safety - money is secured until the software is delivered/milestones are achieved, and you’re happy

In case you decide to use future funds to accelerate growth rather than paying back the service provider, you’ll give away less equity compared to regular cash investment - with the same outcome

How does it work?

Startups need to get their tech product built and go to market. Most startups don't have the financial backing to pay for quality services - and to be honest; no one can afford to do it on the cheap!

Our top-level international development teams will come on board as partners and help you to get your tech right from the beginning for less upfront cash. You will pay a flexible amount of cash plus a conditional fee agreement or loan notes (SAFE), depending on the maturity of your startup. So your future partners will invest their time in your company rather than money. This saves you crucial time as you can hit the market quicker, get invaluable feedback from early adopters and acquire your first paying customers, without chasing early funding.

About us

We believe that there is a solution for startups to market their minimal viable product (MVP) quicker and maintain control over their company.
As founders ourselves, we've found that most startups struggle with getting their tech product to market as a result of not having enough cash and/or the right tech co-founder and team.
Founders should have more flexibility and options than sweat equity, outsourcing software to cheap providers, or giving away too much equity too early for pre-seed and seed investment from business angels and early-stage venture capital firms.

We connect pre-MVP stage startups with top-level international software development teams and law firms that can come on board as partners and work for an affordable discounted negotiable price. The money that startups can't afford to pay upfront is a time investment, which can be paid back in the future or converted to equity.

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